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Why People Want Campus Ministry to Succeed

College campuses have been described as the new frontier for the Church's missionary endeavor. Studies show that students who have access to Catholic campus ministry are more likely to become adult followers of Christ.

Bishop Fernand Cheri, OFM puts it this way, "We have to continue to draw from past campus ministry resources and make room for new ones." In order to expand campus ministry to the 75% of campuses that lack access to the Sacraments and the Church, we invite you to take another step. You can make a difference in the following ways:

As a Benefactor

  • By donating today, you will be supporting those who are on the frontlines of Catholic campus ministry. Further, you'll be putting your faith into action. 

As a Campus Minister or Chaplain

  • Join CCMA (Catholic Campus Ministry Association) in order to gain access to dozens of webinars, podcasts, and videos. CCMA provides you with the support you need in order to maximize your impact on campus.